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    Starting a business is challenging in uncertain times, but building and achieving success with the business of your dreams is invaluable. At SJU, we want to make your company available to our airport community.


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    Commercial spaces

    At SJU, we grow together. Discover the commercial spaces available for your advertising campaigns.

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    Parking and Car Rentals

    Do you need parking or a car rental? Discover all the options available at SJU.

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    Aerostar Administrative Offices

    Terminal D, Arrivals Ave, Carolina, 00979


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    Filming and Photography

    Do you need an airport space for your next commercial, film, or campaign? You can count on SJU!

    Projects recorded at SJU

    1. The Plane
    2. F.L.Y.
    3. The Last Thing He Wanted
    4. The Preppie Connection
    5.  El Cuartito
    6. House Hunters International
    7. Stranded in Paradise
    8. VH1 Basketball Housewives
    9. A Summer in Florida
    10. The Baker & The Beauty
    11. Demolition Ranch
    12.  YAP Films Mosquito Documentary
    13. El Regalo – Alianza Francesa
    14. Especial del Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
    15. COVID Ad Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
    16. Vico C: La vida del filosofo
    17. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
    18. “Pa’Ya” Film

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